Scout students helped the hospice patient tidy up the house

Hospice activities are very diverse: we care about seriously ill patients, fulfill their most secret dreams, help relatives in life and mourning, organize events on physical and mental health topics, organize various trainings for volunteers, spread ideas of the hospice movement in society: how many people live in dignity.

We volunteer with families: men transport and carry patients, adult children help the internet, young children with moms and dads visit patients in their homes.

We recently received a letter from the hospice assistant Žydrūnė with an inquiry:  

“My daughter is in pain. The girls ’company is planning good deeds. 
On behalf of the Rugile and girls section, I would like to ask if you could offer a one-time job at a hospice for 7 girls: maybe one of the patients’ needs to tidy up the house, clean the windows, prepare lunch or something else.
Their age is from 15 to 18 years. Already big. What would suit young enthusiasts looking to beautify and improve the world at their age? ”

We are pleased with this request:

  • one of the charming ladies of our institution has been waiting for housing management for a long time;
  • young people are not afraid of a sick person;
  • the mother applied to Kaunas Hospital as a reliable organization;
  • brave girls will set an example for the tough;
  • existing scouts can grow into hardworking, compassionate and professional volunteers.

"We will help future volunteers," we replied to my mother.

Funny quarter of scouts Rugile, Marta, Barbora and Paula shared their impressions of volunteering:

"Hello! We are MEMBERS of the YOUTH ORGANIZATION “LIETUVOS SKAUTIJA”, land scouts from Kaunas Castle tunas, Kaukai friendship, Kanapeliai section! November 22, we visited Mrs. Reda and helped her a little.

And how was it: five years ago we met Kristina (she is the volunteer coordinator of Kaunas Hospice) at the staircase of the apartment building).

She told us a little bit about who is the woman we were going to meet, what her troubles were, how she lived and what she would like from us. Without waiting for a long time, we went to her place.

And when we entered, we were disturbed: the apartment was very tidy, not at all what we expected. "What are we doing here?" - we thought.

We cleaned the dust from all the cabinets, shelves, pictures and figurines. We cleaned the windows and mirrors, washed the dishes, scrubbed the bath and toilet, vacuumed everything, took out the rubbish. Since there were quite a few of us, we weren’t tired at all.

AND REDA TOLD SO MANY STORIES, SUCH WOMEN'S THINGS WERE LEARNED! How to distinguish glass from ruby, what types of diamonds, how ancient families lived in antiquity, what are the peculiarities of statuettes and expensive items and even what kind of men to communicate with! 😉

She said she never gives up and confesses. Of course, he told me a little bit about both his misfortunes and his happiness. Once he even fell asleep. We realized that she was a little sad for one and at least she would like a kitten or a puppy (unfortunately she would not be able to take care of the pet).

It was quite difficult to say goodbye: we wished each other peace, strength, health, men who carry gifts and beautiful holidays. Reda said will be waiting for us next time, our hearts were squeezing…

We came out with warmth in our hearts and without any bad word.

This woman is truly a very intelligent, charming, radiant, ornate, witty and knowledgeable, true lady.

Reda helped us to understand that LIFE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING AND YOU NEED TO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT and cherish it. Oh, the sun shone…. ”

It is also difficult to realize how many joyful and bright moments the girls have given to a patient who has been getting harder and harder on his feet lately and has not been out for a long time.

We sincerely thank the cheerful, beautiful, spiritual scouts.

May God bless you on the chosen path.

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