Advice from nutritionist Grazvile

We sincerely strive to ensure that hospice patients and their relatives receive the highest quality services possible. 

One of the most frequently asked questions is: WHAT TO FEED a patient and how to feed themselves? 

We turned to expert nutritionist Grazvile Ambrazaitiene for help. 
The doctor is an individual balanced nutrition consultant - coordinator.

Many years of experience working with an evidence-based balanced nutrition program in the US. 

For more than a hundred people, the doctor helped to get rid of unnecessary weight, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, improve the condition of the skin and joints.

Each Beauty tip is UNIQUE, exclusive.

For example, in a consultation for Dakar Rally car racers, she advised: “Avocado or banana acts as a PRESTRESSIVE fruit, these products should be in the athlete’s dry ration. During the day and all long competitions need to keep in mind the nuts. Especially in the dark of the day, nuts HELP TO SLEEP. ”

The consultation with our patient, a 94-year-old woman, took several hours. The dietitian had to find out the patient's habits, favorite meals, daily routine. When discussing the menu, nothing radically changed, combining recommendations with the patient's wishes.

The nutritionist often emphasized, "YOU WOULD SUIT". 

We’ve heard the powers of various recipes and tips!
The final menu of the patient is based on the age of the patient, the habits of the food he eats.

Each food mentioned was described in detail.

For example, in the case of bananas mentioned organic, and stressed that the better those who are greener, they have less sugar.
Chocolate is recommended in the Swiss, Belgian - old cooking traditions. It is emphasized that fish is rich in vitamin C. It is also found in dill, parsley, they can be replaced.
The darker the herbs, the more vitamin C. Fish is recommended to eat only fresh. It is possible to produce fish carpaccio with parsley. This is the source of Omega 3 - food for the BRAIN.
Recommended combination: Salmon + cardamom (helps to DIGEST) + rosemary (contains estrogen, female hormones.) Rice is recommended brown, black, processed as little as possible. These are long-breaking carbohydrates. When you eat them, YOU WANT LESS SWEETS.
Porridge: recommended, as little crushed or ground as possible, or even more flakes. Groats are rich in vitamin B, which dies during processing, in quick-prepared groats. Nuts, e.g. almonds 7 pcs. (daily rate of minerals) grind and mix with honey to a cup of red tea.
Eaten between meals, in the first half of the day.

"WALKS WOULD LIKE LONG" - doctor Grazvile concluded this detailed consultation with this advice.

We invite you to listen and take advantage of the recommendations and tips provided here. They are common, suitable for everyone: patients, their relatives, volunteers, any resident of Lithuania. Let’s be healthy and energetic.

Contacts of a dietitian:
GRAZVILE AMBRAZAITIENE, Tlf .: +37067102007, e-mail: email:

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