What we need right now


1. Bandages 10 * 10; 10 * 8. Non-sterile. May be sticky.

2. Drop racks.

3. Infusion solutions: Sodium chloride 500, Ringer 500.

4. Non-slip bath mats that stick to the bath.

5. Diapers for adults L-XL size.

6. Diapers - size L panties.

7. Large pads.

These things are ALWAYS needed:

  • Hats of Head SHAMPOO - This hat does not require any additional detergents or water.
    For extra comfort of a patient, the hat can be heated in the microwave. Usage: After placing the hat on the patient's head, rub the shampoo into the hair with light movements. After removing the hat, dry your hair and comb it if necessary.
    Do not rinse with water. Wearing a hat keeps the scalp and hair clean. The hat effectively removes dirt. It also effectively removes pus, blood and drug residues.
  • WET DRYING GLOVES - For greater patient comfort, gloves may be heated in a microwave oven. The glove is simply removed from the package and a body wash is performed.
    Do not rinse with water. These gloves are especially suitable for the hygiene of lying patients, they greatly facilitate nursing, do not irritate, reduce unpleasant skin sensations;
  • DISPOSABLE BEDDINGS that are suitable as additional protection for beds, chairs, and when changing incontinence devices;
  • NAPKINS for adults. M-L size. If changed only once a day, strong urea-feces-sweat-old age odors “settle down” in the room and in the skin, and our patients rot from bedsores;
  • LINES for incontinence.
  • Reusable WASHED BEDDING;
  • DISINFECTION - when our volunteers visit the home, they also need to carry disinfectants, deodorants, scented candles,
  • ALCOHOLIC WIPES - Impregnated with antiseptic, concentration not less than 70% alcohol. Napkins for washing and care of the skin of nursing patients,
  • ODOR NEUTRALIZATION - for indoor use in medical institutions, homes for the seriously ill. A long-awaited tool for nursing and care departments. Buna spec. means that are particularly effective in eliminating urine, feces, mold, sewage and other unpleasant odors. Eliminates odors not only in the environment, but also from fabrics, soft inventory, furniture, mattresses, blankets. Long - term effects. Safe for the environment and personnel.


Recently we lack the equipment most of all to be able to respond immediately to the patient's needs:

  • Staircase - "Scalamobil S35 with adapter Scalaport X7";
  • Pillows, rollers - for bedsores prevention;
  • Inflatable mattress for bedsores prevention;
  • Transfer board;
  • Transfer disk TurnTable;
  • Patient turn over sheet;
  • Eating and drinking utensils for the disabled.

We are looking for a HOMESTEAD, BUILDING in Kaunas, or in Kaunas region, which could be used in the way of USE to establish a hospice service center in it.

THE FIRST Hospice in Kaunas and Kaunas district. SECOND hospice in Lithuania.

Lithuania relies on the standards set by Oxford, according to which the palliative care system consists of four main services:

- a palliative care service at home, when a seriously ill and terminally ill patient is visited by qualified specialists;

- Day care, in which a palliative care service is provided to an incoming patient from morning to evening.

- mourning service, which provides psychological assistance to relatives of the patient after death.

The whole system must have training centers where counseling can be obtained by medical staff, volunteers and relatives.

Visa ši sistema privalo turėti mоkymо centrus, kuriuose konsultacijas gаlėtų gauti ir medicinos darbuotojai, ir savanoriai, ir artimieji.

To sum up, in the plans of the Public Institution "Kaunas Hospice House": there is a stationary, a day center, and a mourning service.

It is most convenient to concentrate the activities of these services in one building.

Requirements of the Republic of Lithuania for the Centre of Palliative Care »

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