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“Kaunas Hospice Home” staff and patients

You can donate to “Kaunas Hospice Home” by:

Transfer through PayPal to Kaunas Hospice Home bank account

Direct transfer to Kaunas Hospice Home bank account.

Bank: Swedbank BIC – HABALT22

Bank account: LT467300010141748723

Transferring 1.2 percent of tax of personal income.

You can do it

  • Filling in form FR0512 04 online (electronically via electronic system of declaration ESD)
  • Paper form >>FR05124 (clicking on the link, you can download and print it), fill it in and deliver it to the STI under the Division of the Document Management and Archiving of the Tax Obligation Department of the Ministry of Finance at the address: 8 Neravai str., 66257, Druskininkai, Lithuania

Filling online

  • Log into your electronic banking through the website of system of declaration
  • Choose the “Fill in the form” section on the left side of the window, then select “Request of support” in the centre of the window.
  • At the bottom of the window you will see FR0512 “Form to fill in”. Choose the blue icon “Fill in the form directly on the portal”.

Filling of the form:

Boxes 1-4 have to contain the following: personal identification number; telephone; name; surname; address;
In box 5: the tax period (i.e. 2020)
In box 6S: mark “X
In box 7A: mark “X”
In box 9A: mark “X”
In box 8: mark “0”
In field E1 – enter “2”
In field E2 – Code of Hospice 303503497
In box E3 - enter “Support of Hospice”
In box E4: 1.2 %
In box E5: enter the year, i.e. for what period you would like to grant support (maximum period is 5 years, i.e. until 2023)

Thank you for your kindness!

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