“Kaunas Hospice Home” is a free palliative help to patience home

We are medical institution that provides free medical psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, legal and any other help for our patience and their loved ones in their own home.



Everyone knows the slogan of football commentators “Goal!” When a successful shot is scored in one goal or another. American football, baseball, and basketball announcers are almost no different.


Hot food to patients' homes

Jolanta Sadauskiene and the Beautiful Heart Foundation contact us with Love and an open heart to ask if our patients need hot food.


Early Spring in Hospice

Spring began to rise. Karolina Stazyte writes about us and the most memorable event of the beginning of this year .


Important information

Differences of Kaunas Hospice Home that excludes us from other palliative help institutions:
hospice is not only a medical but also a social, psychological and spiritual institution.

Kiekvieno mėnesio 13 dieną, 18val. Kauno Pal. J.Matulaičio parapijos bažnyčioje 18 val. bus aukojamos šv. Mišios už Hospiso pacientus ir ne tik, prašant Švč. Mergelės Marijos užtarimo.